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Andrew Kerr


Hello Kerneels, We had a fantastic holiday in South Africa! It is a very beautiful country and we hope to return as soon as possible. I really enjoyed the hunting and was particularly pleased that Irena was made to feel part of the safari (this increases the chances of me getting to come hunting again!!!!!!) I would also like to thank you for your advice and for watching over us. I have been talking to my hunting buddy and I think he is keen to come hunting next year.

Mark & Patricia Keiser


Kerneels, Patricia and I had a very wonderful time on the safari and the holiday . I am very happy with the animals we were fortunate to have harvested in South Africa. It is our hope to return some day. I have recommended to several people you and your operation. When the animals are ready to ship, remember I will need to have mine shipped in a separate container from the others. We are very excited to get the animals here to show everyone. Again, THANK YOU for the enjoyable time you are a honest person, as there were no big surprises at the end of the holiday just some miss communication and it was not something we could not resolve.

Amjad Gilani


hi kerneels whatever you said while i was booking my safari i found more than that. i booked 30 animals and i shot 30 of them and all the animals are of very good sizes it was more than my expectations.another important thing i want to add is that all of them did not made me feel that i came here alone i found at kerneels place that iam at my house i found in field very comfortable the ph was also so nice and jolly and experienced and so friendly. jerry always laughing without anything makes environment more humorous. all the residences are very comfortable and at very beautiful locations. now it definately looks like a dream and i wish to have the same safari with same persons again and again thanks mr and mrs kerneels.

Roger Heintzman


I want to Thank You and Charl your PH for the unforgettable adventure I experienced this past August of 2002. My hunt was made very memorable with the quality of service you two provided and the quality of animals in the area. As you know, I harvested many high quality trophy animals that recorded very well in SCI record book and Rowland Ward. This would not have been possable with out your expertice to judge quality animals. The accomodations in the bush were very back to nature but still, there was a touch of modern living. I could not be more pleased with the cuisine served and friendly atmosphere provided at camp. You are in my book a FOUR STAR OUTFITTER AND PROFESSIONAL HUNTER. I shall recommend you to all that have an interest in African Hunting.

Bob Hulchanski


How lucky can a guy be? I got to celebrate my 50th birthday in South Africa, with 4 of my best friends, and as the first guests in a beautiful new lodge. Kerneels, and Vanessa Scholtz of “Valley Bushveld Safaris” rolled out the red carpet for the 5 of us, and treated us like celebrities. The new lodge is more beautiful than any of us expected, combined with the buffet/ family style meals, and total attention to all of our needs, going hunting every day was like an added bonus to an already wonderful vacation. All of the staff, from the Owners, to the PH’s, and even the Skinners, are now considered new friends, and we look forward to seeing them again some day. Oh, I almost forgot, not only was I the first guest to score on a beautiful KUDU (with a bow), But all 5 of us bagged each of the various trophies we were after. Thanks again Kerneels, Vanessa, and Tom for a wonderful hunt, great food, fun, and the best birthday a guy could ask for. Bob

Elaine & Ron Johnson


Hello Kerneels, Vanessa and your little cherubs--Just wanted to let you know you did a GREAT job as travel planners, as all the hotels we stayed at, the wine tour, and all the things we saw were FANTASTIC! The garden route was even more breathtaking than we expected; I think next time, we'll take an extra day to explore it more. We didn't make the Cape peninsula (we were too busy exploring the V & A waterfront and the casino), but that will give us something else to come back for. The casino was quite impressive, even to jaded Las Vegas veterans like us. The City Lodge was fine, and there's also an elegant hotel connected to the casino. All in all we really enjoyed everything we saw and did and felt very safe at all times. Thank you both for everything (and to you especially, Kerneels, for being a such a mother hen!). Tell David and Joey also thanks again when you see them. (David was really professional, friendly and knew just the right things to do and say to make me feel at ease and confident in my shooting. Hang onto him!!)

Ron & Jill Andrews


Dear Kerneels and Vanessa, Thank you so much for a wonderful hunting experience and vacation. You, the Professional Hunters, and the rest of you staff were wonderful. Everything about the experience exceeded our expectations. Going after nine animals is one thing, to actually bag that many in ten days was unbelievable. The accommodations at the lapa were wonderful. Jill was very pleased about the private bath and hot water. The meals were great (usually too much food), even the lunches over the open fire. We really enjoyed our visits with everyone around the fireplace. It was a great chance to discuss all the changes in your country since my 1985 motorcycle trip. Jill enjoyed the hunts she participated in and Ansi was terrific in helping her bag her blesbuck. But she really enjoyed and appreciated the two horseback rides that you arranged for her. That, the trip to Addo Elephant Park and the Lion Park, and having someone else prepare the meals and do the laundry made her vacation complete. Thanks again for the wonderful experience and your hospitality. Hope we can return someday and get my Kudu.

Jim Wagahoft


Dear Valley Bushveld Safaris, I recently went on a Safari with you, with my brother and my 17 year old nephew. We all had a Great time.I really liked the lodge.The rustic huts and the diners around the campfires really brought the Africa adventure home to me. I really liked hunting with Kerneels, one day hunting with him and you knew that he was an experienced hunter.If you have done any hunting at all,you will really appreciate his knowledge and expertise.I am sure that the other guides and hunters were just as good but I spent most of my hunting with Kerneels and was impressed. He gave me all the opportunities to acquire all the animals that I was hunting.If there was any disappointment at all during the hunting it was when a hunter is confronted with that perfect shot and nerves or faulty equipment fails to make that bullet hit its mark.Not that it happened to me or anything,Ha Ha. I could go on and on with good remarks but one more that I want to emphasis is the fact that it was affordable.You always hear about people going on an Africa Safari and them spending thousands upon thousands of dollars. Then you put that in your head that its only for the rich, and dont even think about it anymore. You made it affordable and I didn't have to go in debt to do it either. Well anyway, I had an awesome adventure and look forward to coming back someday.

Derald & Linda Anderson


Kerneels, Thank you very much for the great hunt. The number of animals seen and the quality of the animals was great. This was my fourth trip to Africa, but the first trip for my wife, Linda. This was the best hunt yet. I will never forget the long crawl to get close enough to my black wildebeest to get a shot. I will also remember the excitement of getting a close shot at a very large Eland after a long tracking job. This is what I call the thrill of the hunt! I am extremely happy with the four animals I got. There was so much great food every day. We will always remember the evenings around the campfire telling hunting stories with friends. Linda really enjoyed her time in the bush camp. She was thrilled to find hot, running water showers & nice clean beds. I think she thought it would be like camping in the woods. Instead she was treated like Royalty!! Some one to fix GREAT MEALS, make the beds, etc. This was a VACATION for her. She was especially grateful there was NO BUGS or CREATURES crawling around. Everything was nice and clean …and friendly. Since she does not hunt she was a little nervous about going. She rode around with us some of the time and some of the time she stayed at the camp. She enjoyed both. Thank you, Vanessa, for taking Linda into Port Elizabeth to shop and see some of the country. She had a great time. We thank both of you for the great hunt and vacation!! You are the best.

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