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Terms and Conditions apply

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Hunting Terms & Conditions

  • All rates and fees are quoted in US Dollars.

  • A deposit of 100% of the total daily rate is required in order to confirm a booking.

  • Cancellation due to whatever reason: Less than 12 months up to 6 months before arrival date – no refunds will be made, but deposit can be used to re-book for any period within the next twelve months. Less than 6 months - you will forfeit 50% of your deposit and balance will be transferred to the next season for re-booking.

    If we manage to get a new booking for your time slot then we will transfer full deposit to the next season for re-booking. More than 12 months before arrival date – 100% of the deposit will be refunded.

  • Balance of hunting package payable on arrival.

  • All payments must be made in either cash, EFT transfer or by credit card. No travellers cheques or money orders please.

  • We do have credit card facilities and accept all VISA & MasterCard's. No debit cards please.

    PLEASE NOTE: We charge a 2% commission to use this facility. Check with your bank if the card can be used outside the USA and check your limit on the card that you have sufficient funds available.

  • Trophy fees are payable in respect of all animals bagged or wounded.

  • All quotations issued are valid for 3 months without a deposit from date of issue.  When booking your hunt, paying a deposit will secure your dates and prices quoted by us for the specific hunt date quoted or requested by you.

    When you decide to cancel your hunt for whatever reason we will transfer your deposit as explained above to a new date/year but please note the following:

    A complete new quote for your hunt / package or selected animals must be made for the new hunting period. We will endeavour to keep prices as close as possible to the original quote but can not be guaranteed. This is due to price changes in South Africa and due to availability of animals within the hunting areas. FREE animals given in the original quote will also be forfeited for the new hunting date / period.


  • We recommend that you have travel, medical and personal insurance for your peace of mind.

  • All reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety of clients and their possessions, but no responsibility whatsoever, be it directly or implied, will be accepted for losses, injury or damages.

  • All guests are required to sign a personal indemnity form prior to commencement of the safaris.


You have two options when you hunt with us.

  • A Taxidermist selected by us will Dip & Pack your capes, & skulls for you and ship to a destination of your choice outside South Africa for mounting by your own selected taxidermist. Dip & Pack rates of our taxidermist will be supplied by us on request.

    Please note if you select this option we take no responsibility on hair slip or any issues your taxidermist might point out after tanning the capes on your side. African hides are different from the hides they are used to tan and due to different tanning processes they use can result in hair slip. It does not happen with all tanneries but we had issues with some of the tanneries in the states.


  • A Taxidermist selected by us can mount your animals in South Africa for you and ship completed mounts to your destination. Full Price List will be supplied by us on request. All info regarding taxidermy will be supplied by us.

If you however decide to do your mounts in South Africa with a Taxidermist of your choice then we will charge a 10% storage fee on the value of your total hunting package until your selected taxidermist do the pick up from us. This is payable directly after your hunt. You need to inform us when making your booking which option you want.



NO TAXES (VAT) payable on animals hunted if you mount your trophy, tan the skin, skull bleach the skull or dip & pack to mount back home. Taxidermy work must be done for each animal hunted


if however you decide NOT TO DO ANY TAXIDERMY WORK ON AN ANIMAL you will need to pay 15% VAT (taxes) on the list price of the animal on the individual price list that we need to pay to the government.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • VAT of 15% is only levied on our daily rates and services.

  • No VAT is payable on animals hunted.

  • If you purchase goods for more than R250.00, keep your receipts, as VAT payments will be refunded for these items at any of the international airports in South Africa prior to your departure.

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